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Terms Of Use

Vested in the hands of the website and service provider, the following terms and conditions apply to all activities on or related to pupilbay.com and affiliated sites. The user, member, student, customer or end user shall abide by all conditions as follows. Lest all and any contract/s forged with or agreed to deliver by the site shall cease by default.


The registration to PupilBay or its affiliate websites through an external login or custom made account shall execute the privacy policy in regards to account confidentiality and information privacy of the registrants.

There are no charges whatsoever associated with registration and shall only require the registrant to submit a request to a service of any nature [read specific service terms] except for rejection due to:

               1.    Insufficient or non-verifiable details
               2.    Offensive words chosen as username or passwords
               3.    Registration by software for spamming or hacking purposes

Any form of correspondence associating a payment for registration shall be considered as not originating from any of our websites and must be discarded without exceptions.

Service Specific Terms:

I.    Assignment Help & Homework Help:

All students submitting their assignment/homework for the first time would be prompted to register with the site.

Tracking codes would be generated for each individual assignments and all and any correspondence including but not limited to price quote, payment confirmation, negotiations, student or tutor notes, assignment updates and solution delivery must include the tracking code for easy access and reference to records.

The quality of the solution shall be considered as compromised only if:

               1.    The solution was not delivered in part or full before the agreed deadline
               2.    The assignment/homework guidelines were not followed entirely

Any other case including but not limited to, solutions missing a few parts, plagiarism and insufficient explanations shall be considered as a clarification and would need the minimum time for delivery as specified by the tutor coordinator during the time of the complaint.

Students must understand that all solutions delivered by PupilBay are considered as learning opportunity or passive tutoring and shall be used to only understand the assignments and must not be submitted directly to the institution of origin of the same.

Any issues including low grades, rejection of work and/or re-submission penalties shall not be the liability of PupilBay and affiliates to any degree. In case of a rework requirement, the situation would be analyzed by the quality team and a requirement for an extra payment is up-to the discretion of the management.  

Any students considering this service as an alternative to completing their homework must refrain from doing so.

All assignments submitted and the solutions delivered follow the confidentiality regulations as per the privacy policy.

II.    Online Tutoring:

The facility for participating in group or individual virtual tutoring sessions offered by PupilBay can be accessed only post to a payment and an approval of schedule by a coordinator.

Any sessions violating the above said shall be immediately terminated and both parties [the student and the tutor] shall be persecuted further to immediate suspension of any payments/ balances due from the website.

All sessions shall proceed only under the supervision of an in-house employee of PupilBay. Exceptions to the same shall only be exercised only by a written consent from a senior tutor coordinator or a higher authority from PupilBay.

The payment packages are bound to change and the number of sessions paid for before the occurrence of the change would not affect an ongoing session. However, the changed rates shall apply for extension or purchase of extra hours as per the tutor or student need.

All information including but not limited to documents, presentations, shared information, records of the aforesaid and physical material dispatched shall be considered consented for storage and future use by PupilBay as default from both the parties.
Any technical issue interrupting a session can be considered as a reason for and only for rescheduling and not a refund under any circumstances. Any loss of information during such occurrence to both parties would not be covered as a liability of PupilBay.

Sharing any kind of personal information other than course/student/tutor/session ID’s would be considered as a violation and all sessions would be immediately suspended without further notice. In such a situation, no refund shall be entertained either.

III.    Solution Library:

As a part of the educational resources available from PupilBay archives, the solution library allows users to view and download solutions from the former IP of PupilBay and affiliated sites. All solutions available on the site are not custom made for the assignments with which the same is browsed but serve only as a reference.

Students downloading the solutions must refrain from submitting them directly and PupilBay shall hold no responsibility for the effects arising out of the above said act.

The solutions for any assignment question posted are subject to availability. All students must go through the question available in the solution libratory before downloading  thoroughly as the values or points may differ from the searched question.

Solutions are available on a one on one basis i.e. the payment for downloading one solution is a one-time download license and must not be republished in any form. In the unlikely event that the solution is available from another online resource in a date prior to or after being published in PupilBay, any user can immediately intimate PupilBay and the needful action would be taken against the publishers.

In case of a plagiarized solution being downloaded from the site, the discretion of a refund is subject to the management.

No refunds or compensation shall be entertained on grounds of a faulty solution or an unqualified solution from the library once paid for. The download, usage and effects arising thereof are considered at the risk of the user and not of the website to any degree.

IV.    Educational Services:

The services extended to students apart from academic assistance include course counseling, funding guidance and careers advice. These services are provided with assistance from vendor sites specific to each domain.

The information shared during registration or the sign-up process for any of the services may be shared with the concerned vendors in order to fetch the requested assistance to the user. Any user signing-up to these facilities shall agree to being contacted by vendors immaterial of their local or national DNC registration status and all such correspondence shall be considered arising out of an existing business contract.

No costs are incurred at any point of time during or after the registration process for the said services until the concerned vendors initiate a payment in lieu of the expenses incurred in gaining access to the needed resources and/or correspondence for the same.

The website shall not be prone to any legal responsibility due to dissatisfaction or breach of contract by a vendor and the users need to resolve the dispute from the receiver of the payment under dispute directly.

Users would be forewarned of spammers and fraudulent imposters trying to secure payments feigning the website or vendors though no customer information would be shared to a third party than the vendors bound by a secure contract to the site.   

Loss of any documents during correspondence is associated to the vendors handling the same and would follow the terms of service of the vendors in question for further action.

Once a vendor has contacted the user on behalf of the website, the contract to guidance ends and all procedures and disputes thereof shall be handled by the vendors not involving the site.

Validation of Terms:

The aforesaid terms are subject to change without notice on the website’s discretion and any existing contract shall require renewal based on the change. The same shall be intimated to the user or vendor and the account may not be active till the renewal as per the modification.

Though there would be no loss of information during the said dormant span, in an unlikely occurrence of the same, the site holds no responsibility for any claim of damage.

If an account is dormant for more than a span of 6 months, a notice shall be issued a month in advance requesting minimal activity on the account so as to avoid deactivation.

All rights of the customer or vendor based on the terms can be exercised in full unless otherwise stated by the management on any grounds of infringement.


The terms, pages, content and user info submitted shall be sole property of the website and the use or editing of the same rests within the rights of the site-owner.

All affiliate sites are bound by the terms of PupilBay and a conflict arising shall be only dealt with internal procedures and shall not be used as a legal evidence or flaw.

PupilBay holds no liability for any legal expenses including but not limited to attorney fees, conveyance, suite related expenses or damages and losses thereof for any nature of legal dispute between vendors, users and/or affiliated sites against or for the website.

The right to information and right to legal advice shall not be challenged albeit shall be considered only if the entire issue has been brought to the attention of the PupilBay management and raised post to the approval of the said party.

A claim of any payment made in lieu of any service offered by PupilBay or affiliates directly to an account held by the management as the single operator shall be the only legal responsibility of PupilBay. All other disputes must be handled and filed only against the payee being a vendor or a third party associated to the website.