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A path well started is well paved. Free educational advice and course planning for ALL students. Just fill in your basic details:

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Young adults are worried about their future while parents are losing sleep over the innumerable advices and tips from their colleagues and friends over their wards’ education. The bottom line still remains that a solid and right decision is far away. The same remains a fact [though unbelievable] for graduates aspiring higher education. Indecision and stalling the time to decide will only reduce the options available. In both cases, a well planned education always guarantees a smooth academic life and above all a fruitful one at that.   

Education planning at PupilBay is the result of an initiative started for a generic free E-book planned to serve as a guide for US based students. The E-book was planned to have listings of univs, scholarship resources and educational opportunities. Once the research commenced, PupilBay team saw the immense opportunity to convert this as a live and free service available to all students across the world. Any student [existing users or new] can get free educational advice from our experts including university transfers and higher education possibilities.  

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student review I am really happy with the service and quality you provided for my homework. Great site! Rating you with 4.9 stars.

Angela Cuno
June, 2012.