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1. Do I need to register to use PupilBay?
Though it is not mandatory to have an account for a single assignment, the login would be helpful for future tracking and discounts. So we strongly recommend it.
2. Why am I sharing my Google/Facebook/Yahoo/Twitter login with you?
The external login facility is available in order to create and use an account without filling the registration form. As you use an external login, you do not have to remember the specific username and password for your PupilBay account either.
3. Am I obligated to pay if I register?
No. The payment is initiated only on submitting a service request for one of the paid services offered.
4. Can I have more than one account with PupilBay?
It is possible though not an advisable option.
5. I forgot the password/username !
You can retrieve the same by clicking on forgot password link on the login page.

My Account:

1. Why must I have an account?
As PupilBay offers a variety of services, you can use any and all of the services at the same time. In order for us and yourself to keep a track of all the service requests in one place, your account dashboard can be an excellent option.
2. Are there any charges associated with my account?
There are absolutely no charges for account maintenance. The payment is expected only for the paid services requested for the given quotes. If you have paid all quotes generated or denied the same, then you can have the account absolutely free of cost.
3. If I have 2 accounts, can I synchronize them?
This is not a common scenario though you can do so by sending a special request on Live Chat mentioning both of the usernames.
4. I am not comfortable giving all my personal info on my profile. Can I leave the option?
There are certain fields marked as mandatory that needs to be filled in with exact and correct info in order to communicate with you for the effective completion of the service you have paid for. Other than that, completing your profile is up-to your discretion.
5. How can I deactivate my account?
Any account created will be perpetually active. If you wish to delete or deactivate an account, then you can do so by a special request on Live Chat. However an account with open pending payments cannot be deactivated until the same has been paid and cleared.
6. How can I change/update my account info?
You can do so by clicking on the edit profile link on your dashboard once you login.


As each solution is unique in its complexity and effort involved in preparing the same, the cost of the solution depends on the complexity of the assignment. For all available solutions [solution library], the cost would be mentioned alongside the payment link.
2. What are the payment options available?
We accept all secure online credit & debit cards, credit accounts including PayPal, wire transfer, local bank transfer, mail, check, money order, phone payment and money bookers.
3. How is my payment page secured?
As you can see the “padlock” icon on the tab indicator of your payment pages, further, all our payment procedures are hosted in a secure environment. Still, if you wish to make a payment through phone, the same shall be done by selecting the appropriate option from the bottom of the form on the next page after you enter the amount.
4. I paid and did not receive a confirmation from your end. However, the amount is deducted from my account. What has actually happened?
As you know, the payment has to reach our gateway -Plimus- from your payment source and then reach our specific account in the gateway. If there is an issue is the clearance of payment from your end due to various reasons, the payment might take 12-24 hours to reflect in our account. In case of such an occurrence, you may drop in thorough our 24/7 Live Chat and initiate the work on your assignment/homework after our manual verification.
5. Can I make a partial payment for the service?
Though partial payment options are extended to students, it is subject to negotiation. Therefore the same needs to be discussed and approved on Live Chat. Any part payment without such approval [done on your own decision] shall not be considered valid for starting with your assignment/homework.
6. My credit/debit card or online account is not working with your site.
We do accept all valid and secure credit/debit cards from any bank or financial organization in the world. In case of such a failure, you need to directly check the status with the concerned credit card issuer and resolve the same.

Refunds & Disputes:

1. How do I raise a refund request?
You can request a refund valid on grounds mentioned in our terms and conditions through our 24/7 Live Chat.
2. How much time will it take for the refund to be reflected in my account?
Though a request for a refund shall be acknowledged instantly, the process of refund is subject to validation of the same. The status update on your refund can be checked every 48 hours through Live Chat.
3. Can I use an approved refund as a store credit for future assignments?
This is a feasible option for all our students and might come in handy for emergency assignments that you are unable to pay for at the moment. Therefore, you may set up the same through our 24/7 Live Chat or a mail request once a refund is approved.
4. Where can I check my refund status?
All refund related queries shall be dealt with through our payment department. For an instant update, you may contact our 24/7 Live Chat.
5. I need to raise a complaint on the quality of your service. How can I do it?
You can send a direct mail to our grievance cell through and the needful action would be taken in 12-24 hours through proper channels.
6. I got low grades. So can I raise a refund request based on that?
Our custom made and library solutions are NOT an alternative for completing your homework. If you submit an assignment solution directly as received from our website, the same is at your own liability and any grade issues arising out of the same shall not be considered a valid reason for refund.

Assignment/Homework Help:

1. How can I submit my assignment?
You can submit your assignment/homework by clicking on submit assignment link on our home page or by selecting your specific subject page and filling the form.
2. Is there any cap or limit for the number of questions/assignments per day?
There are absolutely no limitations on the number of assignments that you can submit.
3. When will I get the answers?
The deadline is needed based on the complexity of the assignment. The suggested option shall be for you to mention the same while submitting your assignment. We will confirm the same before helping you with the price quote.
4. Can I pay after I receive the answers?
As we need to pay all our assignment experts and writers in advance, a full payment is required by default to start working on your assignment. In case of a high price quote, a partial payment option can be discussed with our academic advisors on the 24/7 Live Chat with the first part of the payment being made before we start working on your assignment.
5. What can I do if the answers are not correct or to my expectation?
We strive to achieve maximum quality on every solution that we take up. Still, human errors are possible and so we provide the clarifications post to the delivery absolutely free of cost as included in the original payment for the assignment.
6. Can I directly submit my assignment solution that you deliver?
This is not the purpose of the service offered. The solution received can be used as a learning guide and direct submission is considered done at your own risk and the outcomes are not the liability of the website.
7. How can I access my assignment/homework solution?
The solution will be sent to you by E-mail upon completion. You can access a copy of the same by logging into your account as well.
8. Where do I check the status of my assignment?
The generic status of your assignment shall be displayed in your account dashboard after you login. If you want to check on any specific queries, you can check it though our 24/7 Live Chat.
9. Is it necessary to pay even for clarifications?
If you have paid for an assignment, all clarifications within the field of the assignment solution are absolutely free of cost. However if you want to clarify a standalone question from your subject, the minimum charges shall apply based on the subject.

Online Tutoring:

1. What are the subjects on which you can provide tutoring?
We provide online tutoring service for all the 114 major academic disciplines recognized by universities across the world. You can check with the current availability of the concerned subject expert on out 24/7 Live Chat support.
2. What is the fee for the service per hour?

Package Validity Price

30 Minutes (College)

30 days $25
60 Minutes (College) 30 days $55
30 Minutes (Graduate) 30 days $35
60 Minutes (Graduate) 30 days $65