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More than often, the decision on your academic path becomes influenced by parents or your mentors. However, the doubt still lingers even after you make the decision. Just fill in the form below to get a professional perspective of your course decision FREE of cost. 

  • We would like to know your exact academic needs. We will assist you further with a scholarship guidance to fit your requirement.
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What started as a small initiative to prepare a booklet for free distribution, snowballed into a research that ran for 2 whole years. The aim of the booklet was to point to various financial and academic resources for college grads, especially freshmen. Many students are found not using online resources more than 5-10% of their potential. This is attributed to lack of awareness than lack of effort. Therefore, the booklet evolved into a few volumes of research papers due to the contribution of many scholars and academic institutions to the cause of helping students worldwide.   

When the volumes were composed, the amount of information was properly catalogued and made available as 8 volumes of 12,456 pages altogether. As you can understand, no student will be able to go through this much amount of info and find the right resource. However, this proved one fact that the resources available are immense. In an attempt to make it available as a live help and personalized level, a part of the in-house research team has volunteered to help students on a prescheduled basis. All you need to do is provide your basic info and you need for resources [financial or educational] and we will contact you to assist you on the same. 

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student review I am really happy with the service and quality you provided for my homework. Great site! Rating you with 4.9 stars.

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June, 2012.